1. MountainPass

    How To: Perform Hard Reset on Model 3

    Hello friends! Sasha's music streaming stopped working for a full day last week, and after we got it back up and running using this procedure we realized it would be selfish to not share it with all of you. This guide will walk you through how to perform a hard reset on your Tesla Model 3...
  2. SoFlaModel3

    Firmware Build v9.0 2019.8.3 da116a6 (3/23/2019)

    Hello first FSD exclusive stop light (corrected) warning!
  3. MrMatt

    M3 moves WITHOUT card key?!

    Anybody else seen this? See https://youtu.be/mAdGR5zTjQ4 video documenting a) No phone nearby. (The phone in video was in airplane mode, but I also tried it with phone far away) 1) Touch card key to B pillar to open door 2) Put card key somewhere outside/away from car 3) Get in car 4) Push...
  4. Love

    Passenger Air Bag

    While driving yesterday with my wife in the passenger seat, I noticed the subject message in the extreme top right of the screen as if I didn't have a passenger. Anyone else notice/have this?