1. SoFlaModel3

    Firmware Build v9.0 2019.8.3 da116a6 (3/23/2019)

    Hello first FSD exclusive stop light (corrected) warning!
  2. MrMatt

    M3 moves WITHOUT card key?!

    Anybody else seen this? See https://youtu.be/mAdGR5zTjQ4 video documenting a) No phone nearby. (The phone in video was in airplane mode, but I also tried it with phone far away) 1) Touch card key to B pillar to open door 2) Put card key somewhere outside/away from car 3) Get in car 4) Push...
  3. Lovesword

    Passenger Air Bag

    While driving yesterday with my wife in the passenger seat, I noticed the subject message in the extreme top right of the screen as if I didn't have a passenger. Anyone else notice/have this?