1. jeadly

    Question Standard (non AP TACC) Cruise Misbehavior

    Note: I'm a LEMR without AP, so there's a fairly small sample size of you out there who may replicate. I've noticed several times now that when I have Cruise Control set and use the accelerator to manually increase speed for a moment, the car will "forget" that CC is engaged and decelerate...
  2. R

    Model 3 disappearing NoA (w/ workaround)

    Been using navigate on autopilot for awhile, but today the whole thing was missing from my car - no button, no settings, completely vanished, as if I had an older version without NoA included. Called Tesla and apparently it’s a bug with sentry mode and a full USB drive (or something like that...
  3. MelindaV

    Rogue Driver Profile (reverts to Easy Entry)

    the most common bug I've had with v9.0 is when I get in the car (easy entry profile), press the brake profile changes to my profile, latch the seatbelt - the profile flips back to easy entry. Sometimes after latching the seatbelt, but before putting in gear. and only in that minute or so...
  4. SoFlaModel3

    Firmware build v9.0 2018.39.7 9736c9b (10/12/2018)

    New version found on a Model 3 in North Carolina.
  5. D

    Not turning off when I close the door

    As the title says, my model 3 occasionally doesn't turn off when I close the door. Screen stays on, music playing, heater blowing etc. I have to open the driver door and close again. Happens maybe 25% of the time.
  6. nullgel

    Interesting Tesla Atari Game Bug

    I have yet to be able reproduce this neat bug, but some combination of playing a game and then putting the car into reverse (bringing up the back-up camera) and then trying to put the car into reverse again (I did something weird like that) put the game up as an overlay that didn't go away until...
  7. Love

    Unable to Shift

    I had this occur over the weekend, I entered my Model 3 and everything in the car worked as it should except I couldn't shift at all. I didn't see anything posted here after some searches so I wanted to start a thread in case this happens to you. Solution (that worked for me): Get out of the...
  8. Will M

    Supercharging cost discrepancy

    On Monday we tried some new-to-us superchargers in Peru, IL. The screen in the car reported a cost of $3.60 for our charging session, but when I look online on my tesla account, I was charged $5.56. Is this sort of discrepancy common?
  9. S

    BUG: audio controls negate backup camera view

    When you press the Media Player icon while the car is in Reverse, Park or Drive the rear view camera display disappears. The view changes to the Navigation screen. All the other icons do not have this issue. You can press the rear view camera icon to get it back. I am on software...