1. MountainPass

    MPP Model 3 Brake Master Cylinder Brace

    MPP Model 3 Brake Master Cylinder Brace First run sold out! Please place your backorder so we can ship out new kits as they are completed Dream of ultra direct, linear brake feel? This will help get you closer – for real! Significantly improve the brake feel of your Model 3 CNC’d from...
  2. RAS550

    0-60, Skidpad grip and Braking - 18" vs 19" wheels

    I placed an order for the dual motor with 18 inch wheels last week, and then saw the Edmunds track tests comparing the 18" and 19" packages. According to them, the 19 inch wheels/tires are better in following ways: 1) Skidpad improves from 0.85g to 0.93 g, which is HUGE imo. 2) 0-60 improves by...
  3. ahagge

    Brakes fail - how do you stop?

    Hypothetical scenario: You're coming down a mountain road in your Model 3 and when you press the brakes, they go to the floor (hole in the brake line or something similar). How do you stop? As most folks know, ICE cars have at least 3 options at their disposal: Use the emergency brake Shift...