brake noise

  1. HNMAK

    Front brakes make clonking sound when braking

    This seems to come and go but it appears to happen when the car is cold. When I attempt to make a full stop, one of the front brakes makes a very audible clonk (it sounds like a metal tool falling on concrete). I can't seem to find other threads or other people experiencing this issue but I am...
  2. T

    Brake squeak/squeal at stops

    I have a model 3 RWD long range with about 5k miles, when I first got it I heard a few squeaks from the brakes when stopping at red lights or stop signs etc.. I looked up a couple forums and found some posts stating this was normal for Tesla’s during the break in process. Now it’s winter in...
  3. T

    Low speed brake noise

    We just crossed 4,000 miles on our model 3 and lately noticed under low speed braking (10 mph or less), we could hear a brake squeaking noise, which was not there before. Has anyone else experienced this? Brake performance seems to be fine, but just surprised about the noise. Is it normal?