1. T

    Nova Scotia

    Hello from Nova Scotia [New to TOO. If I didn't post this appropriately, please give guidance.] Anticipating a Model Y Long Range Dual Motor purchase in May. How have other Nova Scotians gotten their deliveries? Will I have to pick the thing up in Montreal or Quebec City? What is the local...
  2. Slumbreon

    Boston Area Tesla Approved Body Shops - experiences

    With Dedham not doing body work, I was referred by Tesla to their list of approved body shops to take care of a few blemishes notes at delivery. ( As sooner or later we all will likely need some work, figured a thread on experiences was warranted.
  3. Waterhouse

    Rear-End Accident Update / Repairs Complete

    As an update to: Full backstory for anyone else, stolen from my reddit post: Picked up my new Model 3 on August 9th - delivery was awesome, car was great. Took off my aeros, kept the car clean, took probably 30+...