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  1. J

    Model 3 Blinker Issues

    Is anyone else having problems with their blinkers? My blinker almost never turns off on its own after completing a turn. I always have to turn it off manually. Is this a known issue? Should I schedule a service appointment?
  2. R

    Left Turn Signal - Not operating correctly

    I have had a strange turn signal issue since I picked up my car last Thursday (8/23/2018). Model 3 AWD. I have driven BMWs for 12 years, so the double turn signal position (3 and lock) is not new to me. But I think my car as a software issue. The right turn signal operates as it should...
  3. Greg Hamer

    Amber turn signals

    I saw my first moving Model 3 today and in my slumber I thought it was a Model S. But then it put its blinker on which turns out to be even more spartan than interior. I have watched scores of Model 3 reviews but was quite surprised. I have never seen a blinker like that - a long red dash

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