battery pack

  1. voip-ninja

    Impact of high amp charging on Model 3 battery life

    In the FAQ Tech Talk thread an interesting point came up with someone indicating that they choose to charge their Tesla below the full 40 amp charge rate possible on their home outlet, instead choosing to throttle the charging speed to 15 amps since they can still get the charge level they need...
  2. TrevP

    Model 3 battery packs to be 60&75kWh

    Teslarati says Model 3 battery packs to be 60 & 75kWh sizes with bigger packs going out first. This confirms our source who said RWD and bigger packs would be offered first at launch. Sizes are right where we thought they would be...
  3. TrevP

    New 100kWh battery pack internals revealed!

    Jason Hughes (Tesla tinkerer) has bought the first 100kWh battery pack from a wrecked car and took it apart. Lots of details here: In a nutshell: 12 more cells per module ( I thought so!)...