1. Yanquetino

    Current Current state of AP, EAP, FSD?

    Tesla's online ordering has sure changed. I well remember them offering Autopilot, Enhanced Autopilot, Full Self-Driving options. Not so anymore. Now when I scroll down an ordering page, I see nothing but the $10,000 FSD as an option. They don't even state what default driving improvements a new...
  2. M3OC Rules

    Full Self Driving and Autopilot names

    There has been lots of discussion over the years on the name of Autopilot. Now there is a considerable backlash against the Full Self Driving name in addition. Consumer Reports has been very vocal on this. Waymo in particular has been attacking Tesla any chance they get on their names. Waymo...
  3. eXntrc

    Will a Tesla Stop for Jeremy Clarkson?

    Not my video but I think it's brilliant. If you need a 6 foot human, why not Jeremy? :D
  4. casudhoff

    Tesla autopilot prevents accident with coyote

    Fall is here and we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and take a day trip to nearby Louisville, Kentucky. After an amazing day of exploring the city, (and even getting free charging in one of the parking garages) it was around 8:30 pm and dark; it time to head back home. We...
  5. D

    Has V10 Autopilot Solved the Stationary Vehicle Problem?

    One of the most important advances that could take place with Tesla's Autopilot is one that it would be difficulty for any single driver to detect: it could get better at avoiding high-speed accidents. In the past, it's been a known limitation of Autopilot that it has difficulty recognizing...
  6. ng0

    Suggestion Which software updates are you wanting/expecting from your Model 3?

    One of the biggest complaints about the car seems to be software features, but they can be updated over the air!! I'd like to use this thread to keep a running list of software updates that you're wanting, hoping for, or expecting based on Elon Musk's tweets/statements. So please let me know...
  7. A

    For Sale 2016 Model X P90D with only 16K miles for sale in central Florida

    Selling my X P90D with ludicrous +, autopilot, new home charging cable, towing package, current software, ventilated seats, MSRP new $149,500. Only 16K miles in great shape. Want 82,500. Make me an offer. Located about 30 min north of Orlando.
  8. km-nm

    Cameras Disabled After Windshield Replacement

    We just got our car back from Car Crafters in ABQ after a windshield replacement. The rear camera still works fine but the front camera (and the 2 side cameras!) do not. Unfortunately, Car Crafters is closed until Monday, so I've been looking for a way to reset/fix thing myself. More info...
  9. TrevP

    FSD computer discussion

    I slowed down the Tesla FSD demo video and overlaid the augmented display so you can better see what is being displayed. I hope this makes it to production! Discuss it here
  10. TrevP

    Tesla Autonomy Day Official Discussion

    Today is Tesla Autonomy day where they will show off the capabilities of their new FSD computer and we get to see how far they’ve have progressed since the last demo which happened in 2016 You can watch the live stream on YouTube starting at 2PM Eastern Time here Please keep all related...
  11. LUXMAN

    Basic cruise VS TACC

    So with this new option, I am contemplating upgrading my model 3 to full self driving. One thing I didn’t like under the auto pilot when I tried it in version 8 was the traffic aware cruise control was very touchy versus basic cruise. I didn’t like how it reacts quickly. Has it gotten any better...
  12. TheTony

    EXISTING/PENDING Autopilot and FSD orders OFFICIAL discussion

    It looks like the SR Model 3, with no PUP, is now available. The standard interior (non-PUP) model includes: Manual seat and steering adjustment Cloth seats and base trim Basic audio Standard maps and navigation Tinted glass roof with ultraviolet and infrared protection Auto dimming, power...
  13. rxlawdude

    Order & Delivery Problems?

    A couple of people on the Tesla owned fora have been disappointed at the last moment when Tesla informed them their cars were not in fact ready - the cars were apparently not even at the designated delivery center. This was at Costa Mesa and Marina del Rey, California delivery centers. One of...
  14. sdbyrd79

    V9 Autopilot Confidence, Behavior in "Unsupported" Situations

    I've been on v9 for a couple of weeks now and my initial impressions of autopilot were positive. There were several spots where I was forced to take over routinely and things were fairly consistent. However, after a couple of weeks of new roads & tests (I'm constantly using it) it has honestly...
  15. NOGA$4ME

    Tesla to report quarterly accident statistics

    From: Q3 2018 Vehicle Safety Report The Tesla Team October 4, 2018 At Tesla, the safety of our customers is our top priority, which is why it’s critical that we design and build the safest cars in the world. Not only do we conduct...
  16. Arth

    Autopilot in the Rain, Dark

    Had our Mod 3 for 3 weeks already and last night we got caught in the rain, at night. And we are talking Florida rainy season rain, quite moderate for what sometimes you experience in SW Florida but it was our first serious 'weather' situation since purchase. It didn't take long for me to become...
  17. NOGA$4ME

    Autopilot speed change on curves

    I updated (quickly) from 18.14 to 24.7 (for one day) to 26.3. At 18.14 autopilot behavior around curves (or at least the particular ones on my commute) was good. In particular, there is one off-ramp where the speed limit transitions from 70 (on the one highway) to 65 (on the other) around a...
  18. Dr. J

    Enhanced Autopilot Trial

    TMC is reporting this as news, though I don't see a date of publication on the Tesla site: Enhanced Autopilot Trial [Moderator: please move thread to appropriate forum, if needed.] From TMC: Enhanced Autopilot features will automatically be downloaded to cars after they receive software...
  19. Sumiguchi

    Autopilot - lane changing & max speed issues

    I took a trip into Saskatchewan from Edmonton this past week and noticed that once I got about 20 km out of Edmonton on highway 16 heading towards LLoydminster, autopilot would no longer change lanes when I flipped on the signal. It is a divided highway with two lanes in each direction with...
  20. ZaelFaroe

    Autopilot Centering between Lane and Exit Ramp

    Just got my Model 3 yesterday! Super fun to drive. Last night I drive down I93 to Boston and noticed that when the exit ramp diverges without a lane marker, or when an entrance ramp comes on without a lane marker the car tries to center between the lane and the ramp. No a big problem for...
  21. GaryW

    Adding Autopilot Before Delivery

    Hey everyone, I had a question mainly for the time prior to delivery. Lets say that you configure your car without autopilot, but decide few weeks before delivery that you would like the feature. Does anyone know if Tesla would allow you to add EAP since it's just a software update before or...
  22. M3OC Rules

    Alex Roy Electrek hit piece I ran across this opinion piece on Thedrive. I don't read TheDrive regularly but I do read Electrek regularly. I was pretty curious what this major issue Alex had with Electrek. After reading...
  23. T

    Tesla's Computer Vision Master Plan

    My latest work: an in-depth outline of Tesla's plan to give cars the ability to perceive the world and therefore drive autonomously throughout it.
  24. Vendacious

    Feature idea: Pay-by-the-week autopilot

    I'm sure there are a lot of people like me who want to buy a Tesla but have driving needs where buying autopilot doesn't make sense. People who are retired, people like me who have short commutes all on surface streets, etc. I'm sure some of these people will take the occasional road-trip...
  25. @gravityrydr

    The Biggest Opportunity Everyone Is Missing In Self-Driving Cars

    Great article by Alex Roy on The Drive: The Biggest Opportunity Everyone Is Missing In Self-Driving Cars. The article makes a good point, automakers should be looking at how the aviation industry is approaching cockpit automation. Instead of focusing on replacing the driver, they should be...
  26. Tonlow

    auto pilot buddy

    Has anyone heard of this product or tried it? I just saw it and was thinking of giving it a go but wanted to see the feedback and look like not a lot of review on the product so far but sounds kinda cool....good idea or pass? Thanks, TonLow
  27. Kizzy

    Model X Test Drive

    My friend and I test drove a Model X yesterday at the Corte Madera showroom location. This was my second time driving a Tesla (and the first time for my friend. We were both excited and nervous about traveling so far in an ICE car to drive an EV. Unfortunately, traffic was so bad. We were...
  28. Chad Mast

    Auto Pilot Question - Used Cars

    So I see a lot of information an pricing on auto pilot but I still have some questions. I am a bargain shopper and the model 3 is suppose to be for the masses. So my questions are If I buy the auto pilot upgrade the 5k(EAP) and the 3k(FSD) upgrades are those tied to the car? Can I upgrade to...
  29. Doug Brady

    Model 3 Autopilot and Self-Driving

    I am all in on Model 3, but one thing has confused me from the jump: autopilot. From what I understand ALL Model 3's will have the autopilot and full automation hardware, but you have to pay to unlock the features. So my questions are 1. is that the case or is there special hardware that the...
  30. Gorillapaws

    Is enhanced autopilot required for the speed limit chime?

    My mom has AP1 in her MX and one of the best features is how you can set a speed limit chime that will let you know when you've exceeded the threshold you've set. Also it will rumble the steering wheel when you drift across the lanes. Is the $5k EAP upgrade required for these features or is it...