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  1. T

    Tesla's Computer Vision Master Plan

    My latest work: an in-depth outline of Tesla's plan to give cars the ability to perceive the world and therefore drive autonomously throughout it.
  2. OneSixtyToOne

    New Pavement Marking Standards?

    Over the past year I've noticed a change in the pavement markings in CA. Crosswalks are now large broken blocks of paint when then use to be parallel lines. Some HOV lanes have been painted double double WHITE lines, previously they were yellow. Has there been a change to pavement marking...
  3. Pontus

    High precision positioning in SpaceX satellite constellation?

    Lets start a new fun rumour! :) Do you think there are any plans for SpaceX satellite constellation to include some sort of high precision positioning for the Teslas to use? That would really be a game changer! It will already be a game changer when teslas can connect to internet via that...
  4. H

    Autonomous car tech thread

    Do you guys really need autopilot? I am one of those people who will NEVER let a computer drive the car for me. Too many things can go wrong. If Autopilot requires you to constantly be vigilant and be ready to grab the steering wheel at a moment's notice, it is not autopilot to me. If you do a...

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