auto pilot

  1. Brian3

    Figured out how autopilot speed is calculated

    When I enable autopilot the car usually increases speed to something higher than the speed limit. When driving 65 in a 70 zone, the car would accelerate to 81 when I activated AP. That seemed very odd to me, but today I figured out what's going on. You all probably already know this. I had...
  2. Gunn

    Question Should AP disengages AutoSteer when indicating to chage lanes

    Just wanted to get an opinion on something, I have tried to search these forums to see if this discussion has come up before but alas my searching skills are lacking atm. I have also read through the manual and Tesla's website but there is no mention of AutoSteer disengaging when the turn signal...
  3. R

    Model 3 disappearing NoA (w/ workaround)

    Been using navigate on autopilot for awhile, but today the whole thing was missing from my car - no button, no settings, completely vanished, as if I had an older version without NoA included. Called Tesla and apparently it’s a bug with sentry mode and a full USB drive (or something like that...
  4. Ken Voss

    Temporary lost backup camera, autopilot, auto-wipers

    Yesterday I experienced some odd behavior BTW I am on 2018.14.13 When I backed up out of my garage I noticed that there was no backup camera, just a black screen where the camera image should have been, I made a mental note but didn't think that much of it at the time. I got on the highway and...
  5. MrMatt

    False Forward Collision Warning

    Anyone else getting Forward Collision Warnings when there is no imminent danger? My neighbor's car is parked on the street and I pass it every day and about ~4 times so far in the last 2 weeks since we've had the car, the collision warning sounds and freaks me out. I'm not close to it and not...
  6. thril

    Auto Pilot Low Speed Limit - Ontario Canada

    We live close to a highway which is posted 80 km/h. It is not a divided highway but one lane each direction with well painted outside and center lines. AP limits to 70 km/h. Is this the current limit for Model 3 for any highway that is not a divided one? It is a highway but most 'exits' are...
  7. Mark Benson

    Will Tesla build own autopilot chip much better than a chip company?

    A question popped up in my mind when going through a discussion in one of my favorite site. Will Tesla build autopilot chip much better than a chip company?
  8. M

    Quick enhanced auto pilot question

    Can the $5k enhanced auto pilot function be added at a later date like the full self driving capability? Or if you want your car to have full self driving when that is eventually released, do you need to buy the enhanced auto pilot function NOW? Also, can anyone speak to the cost of repair...