1. T

    Question Telephone Bluetooth Audio Quiet iPhone

    Hi I’m on 2021.12.25.7 in a Model 3 and my Bluetooth telephone call audio paired with my iPhone is extremely quiet on the other end. I’ve been into a service centre, they have paired their android phones and it is acceptable. This seems to be iPhone specific. Anybody else had a similar problem?
  2. cnsf01

    USB Music Album Art

    Since 2020.44, my USB Album Art has disappeared and USB music no longer shows up in Recents. Does anyone else have the same problem? I am now on 2020.48.35.5 and still no album art or recents. I also find that when playing 176,400/24bit flacs, the audio buffer tends to choke mid-song Service...
  3. testar

    Audio Source Preference

    Here’s a new poll to find out what peoples audio preferences are...
  4. Millie Grace

    Question Volume always decreases

    Whenever I increase volume to between 3-6 clicks below the max volume, the volume immediately decreases. It is incredibly frustrating because I am unable to listen at my preferred volume. At 0-2 clicks below max it is too loud. And where it resets to at around 6 clicks below max it is too...
  5. SoFlaModel3

    Firmware Build v9.0 2019.8.3 da116a6 (3/23/2019)

    Hello first FSD exclusive stop light (corrected) warning!
  6. eXntrc

    Rattle / Vibration from Door Speaker

    Anyone else have rattling / vibrations from any of the door speakers? My front-right door speaker rattles at certain frequencies. It was so bad at first that I took it into the service center. They applied some matting on the inside of the door and eliminated the rattle for the specific songs I...
  7. foo

    Music volume spikes too high after mute or phone call

    If you take a call or give the car a voice command, it mutes the audio while the call is in progress. However, when the call ends the music comes back "full force." I'm concerned this sudden spike might even damage a speaker. It would be really nice if the music would just ramp up from...
  8. NOGA$4ME

    How to get the radio to stay on after exiting the vehicle?

    I like to roll down the windows and crank the music while tailgating at football and hockey games, but I'll be darned if I can figure out how to get the radio to stay on after I've exited the vehicle. One suggestion (that maybe was tailored for S&X) was to put the car in neutral and set the...
  9. R

    Bluetooth Audio Delay Issue

    I came from a Lexus IS 200T. Bluetooth audio in that car worked fine (YouTube videos, Spotify, etc.) with no delays or issues with audio/video. Now with the Model 3, I'm having to deal with a significant delay in audio/video. The audio is delayed and not synced with the video. Making videos...
  10. Maxx77

    Thoughts on Immersive Sound on the Model 3

    Looking for feedback from others for opinions on the Immersive Sound feature in the Model 3. I haven't tested it too thoroughly, but I can tell that with the feature disabled, not all of the speakers output audio. The A-pillar speakers, for example, seem to do nothing unless it's on. What I...
  11. EV-lution

    Why is the Model 3 Sound System so Good?

    One of the first things I noticed in our Model 3 was the amazing sound system. I was wondering how they achieved it, so my son and I did some investigating. All video credits go to my son, I was just the guy with the car.
  12. AZ_M3

    Verdict? Premium Package Audio

    Hi all, I didn't see any threads on this yet so figured I'd ask, do we have any owner reports on the quality of the Premium audio system? As a reminder Tesla states: "Premium audio system with more power, tweeters, surround speakers and subwoofer" Obviously that's pretty broad. Do we have...