1. mirage

    Android app that hopefully makes your driving experience more fun I've been working on an Android app related to Tesla vehicles. I recently released it and am trying to get Tesla drivers to try it out. Some of the main features are as follows (more features are shown in the video and...
  2. Nebulam

    Hi from Dallas, TX

    I wanted to say hi. I got a model 3 about a year ago and I love it. Part of the reason I wanted to post here was also to let people know of an Android app I made that can be used with Tesla vehicles to enhance your Tesla experience. I've posted in other forums and reddit about this and will...
  3. R

    Phone Connectivity and Bluetooth Solution - FINALLY

    Many of the phone connectivity issues being reported "SEEM" to be related to bluetooth but in reality they are not. I have a 2 year old Samsung NOTE 5 and upon getting my car in September I was unable to load any of my contacts to my Model 3. At first I thought it was bluetooth related. Telsa...
  4. VroomVroom18

    For Sale: Jeda Wireless Charging Pad for Model 3

    Hi! I have a brand-new, SEALED Jeda wireless charging pad for sale for the Model 3. The retail on this is $99 + $10 shipping. I'll sell it for $90 and will pay the shipping fee to you. Please message me if interested, or if you have questions. Thanks!
  5. R

    Android App: Stuck on 'Waking up'

    Just picked up my Model 3 today. Overall I love it. Set up my phone (LG G4) as a key, and that part of it works just fine (i.e. locks/unlocks by proximity via bluetooth) However, now that I'm back at work and sitting at my desk I can't communicate with my car. I wanted to check the...
  6. Bokonon

    Current Android Mobile App Updates List - Newest Tesla 4.4.4-847

    Latest Tesla APK info: Tesla 4.4.4-847 (2022-01-12) Tesla 4.4.3-832 (2022-01-11) Tesla 4.4.2-828 (2021-12-24) Tesla 4.4.1-824 (2021-12-22) Tesla 4.4.0-810 (2021-12-14) Tesla 4.3.1-777 (2021-12-07) Tesla 4.3.0-766 (2021-11-18) Tesla...
  7. TSLAholic

    Updating Tesla App: Your device isn't compatible with this version

    Sorry if this has already been discussed, but has anyone come across the exact phone compatibility requirements for the phone to work as a fob? I went to update my Tesla app for M3 support this week and was prompted with a "Your device isn't compatible with this version" notice and not allowed...