aftermarket wheels

  1. GetYourWheels

    Our own Tesla Model Y on the new AGLuxury Wheel AGL72

    AGLUXURY WHEELS AGL72 We just wanted to share a new design from AGLuxury Wheels and we got them on our own Tesla Model Y! Feel free to comment on them. This was the first set ever made for the AGL72. Machined in California USA. They are available in 19-24 inch. SPECS 22X10.5+35 All around...
  2. MountainPass

    How to use JDM 5x114.3 wheels on your Model 3

    As we know, Tesla used big beefy M14 wheel studs on our cars. This limits our wheel choices. Or does it? We just got our new 19x10 Advan RGIII wheels for the front of our track setup, and needed to have the lug nut holes opened up to accept the M14 studs. We went to our friendly local machine...
  3. GetYourWheels

    All new Stance SF07 Rotary Forged wheel!

    Authorized Stance Wheels Distributor Stance wheels has definitely been popular for it's aggressive designs and once again, they have brought us something definitely unique! The aggressive lines and straight spoke design on this new age split 5 spoke design is one to consider. Paired up with an...
  4. Simon Says

    TSportline, Evannex, EvWheel, or Axis Wheels?

    Ok so from all the posts on wheels these are the options for Tesla turbine looks on M3: TSportline 1500$ EVAnnex 1700$ EVWheelDirect 1295$...
  5. O

    T Sportline Accessories

    Hey guys I was just browsing through some aftermarket stuff for the Teslas now and I found this on T Sportline's website: It's just a set of their 115 forged wheels, but it would be interesting to see what they will come up with. Thoughts on what to expect from T Sportline?