1. nullze

    Tesla Model 3 Aero Mirror / Mirror Delete Kit

    Aero Mirror / Mirror Delete Kit for Tesla Model 3 on Kickstarter (UPDATE: Added Carbon Fiber Version Pic) Good Morning TOO, I have been working for a while now and wanted to get some feedback to see if this is something that others would want. After realizing that a Tesla software update had...
  2. T

    Model 3 Aero Wheel Range Benefits

    Hi all - I wanted to create a thread for people to report any data about the range benefits of the aero wheels vs the 19 inch sport wheels. This would really help many of us make configuration decisions with our M3's!
  3. Bryan Baker

    Precise frontal cross sectional area?

    I'm playing with the equation for aerodynamics for the S, X, and 3. The "everything we know about M3" post has a reliable listing of the exterior dimensions. However the frontal cross sectional area is less than a simple length times height calculation. I've seen a few rough guesstimates...