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  1. AftermarketEV

    SALE! 18" Satin Black EV01(+) Now Available and on sale through Monday!

    We just launched the new FastEV EV01(+) in Satin Black on To celebrate the new launch, we are offering 5% off these wheels through Monday 5/31 with the code 'LAUNCH5'. The EV01(+) are lighter than the Standard 18" Aero Wheels and offer the same efficiency, with a refined...

    Any Regrets Going From 18s to 20s

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on some satin black powder coated OEM Performances 20" wheels + Michelin Pilot Sports. Im sure plenty have upgraded from the 18" Aeros. Any regrets out there? Ride comfort, noise, range? Any drastic changes?
  3. theishu

    SOLD 2018 LR RWD Model 3 (Multi-coat Red) FSD, EAP, Aero - BETTER THAN NEW! (DC area)

    Why is this better than a new Model 3? 1. Long Range Rear-wheel Drive (no longer available) 2. Multi-coat Red ($2,500 today) 3. Lifetime LTE connectivity for OTA software updates, traffic, streaming music, Spotify, Netflix, Youtube (LTE for new cars is free for 1 year only) 4. Homelink...
  4. F

    FS: Model 3 OEM 18" Aero Wheels / Tires / TPMS with 6300 miles - $599 plus shipping

    Model 3 18" Aero Wheels/Tires/ TPMS only 6300 miles - $599 plus shipping Wheels, and tires are in mint condition including Aero caps, except one wheel has minor rash as shown in IMG4026 Would prefer local pickup, but can ship from Orange County, CA. Buyer payrs shipping
  5. jackson hui

    Lowering your Model 3. experiences, feedback, satisfaction

    Hi everyone. Been lurking on this forum since November but this is my first time posting. I just got done lowering my Model 3 using unplugged performance Moderate springs. I just wanted to see what everyone else experienced as far as expectations, ride quality, hiccups during installation...
  6. K

    FS: Model 3 18'' OEM Wheels, Aero Covers, MSM4 Tires - SF Bay Area

    Finally upgraded to 20'' wheels and now selling my Tesla Model 3 18'' Wheels with Aero covers. Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires. Tires have about 7200 miles. Wheels and Aero Covers are in mint condition. No tire rashes or scratches. Aero covers were taken off and safely stored on Day 1 of ownership...
  7. ram3n

    FS: Tesla Model 3 OEM 18" Aero wheels w/ tires & Center Caps + Lug nut covers

    Selling a complete set of 4x 18" Aero wheels with remaining tire tread life + Aero Covers + set of Tesla center caps & wheel lug covers Wheels/tires have roughly 20k miles driven on it (90% highway driven miles). 2 of the wheels have slight curb rash on them. Can post photos later if necessary...
  8. D

    SOLD: 18" Model 3 Aero Wheels & Tires $1400 OBO

    Set of four 2019 18" Aero Wheels with Michelin 245/45 R18 tires. Like new with only 279 (verifiable) miles. Mounted and balanced. Includes TPMS and wheel covers. No lug nuts. Prefer Central Ohio pick up but would consider shipping at buyers expense. $1,400 OBO.
  9. Brahmbo

    F/S 18” Rims and tires, TPMS, Aero covers, & more $1,100

    I’m selling my 18” OEM rims with the original Michelin tires, Aero covers, and TPMS. Also included are: (1) 4 center caps with red Tesla logo decal on them which can be peeled off if desired. (2) 20 black lug nut covers (3) suction cup device to remove center caps which is required when you...
  10. F

    FOUR Model 3 18" Aero Wheels + Michelin tires + TPMS sensors + Covers -$999 Bay Area

    Hello, I have a set of 4 Aero Wheels, Tires and covers for sale. The tires has about 350 miles on it. Everything perfect condition except there are small scuffs on one of the wheels. See attached pictures, I do not ship but maybe able to deliver. I am in San Francisco. Asking for $999 for all 4
  11. plasmo

    Poll: Silver M3'ers - Which 18" Aero Wheel style do you prefer?

    I made a similar Poll a while ago on another forum, but didn't have "Option D" available. Now I have a photo of it, and am curious to see what people's preferences are. This poll is really regarding the 18" Aero wheels, as the 19" performance wheel is already silver.
  12. IMG_0418.jpeg


    Sunset Money Shot
  13. oripaamoni

    265/40/18 on the aero wheels? Anybody have a pic?

    Anybody else excited to replace the all seasons on your aeros with something a bit grippier?? Thinking of doing a stagered setup with 265/40/18 in the rear and 235/45/18 in the front. The stock tire size looks a bit stretched on the rim so the 265 might look nice in the back, plus the bigger...
  14. S

    SOLD Like new Aero Wheel set - $1300

    I have a set of Aero wheels, tires and caps with about 100 miles on them. Like new condition. I got a new set of wheels and don't need these anymore. Let me know if you are interested. Pick up only, I live in the Washington DC metro area.
  15. Rye3

    WTB: Model 3 18” Aero wheels

    Would like to purchase a set of 18” Aeros with TPMS. I am located in western Michigan. Let me know what you have! Thanks, Ryan
  16. 5

    SOLD: model 3 aero wheel kit

    Tesla offered me this to shut me up over the windshield scuff that they still have not replied me about. Didn't think they would follow through so I ordered my own kit. Now I got an extra. Asking 50CAD. Save 15 bucks and the tax! Located in Vancouver. Preferred local but can ship if we work...
  17. PNWmisty

    Who has higher performance wheels on their Model3?

    I noticed the 18" Aero wheels are very light for an OEM base offering. I'm currently running mine without the Aero covers but will put them on for any multi-day trips. While I haven't spent any time shopping for lighter wheels I noticed most common offerings are actually heavier than the base...
  18. CoastalCruiser

    Why You Need to Remove the Aero Wheels From Your Model 3 Immediately!

    Wheel covers are now considered dangerous and life threatening. See this footage of a driver chasing a car with two defenseless men to their fiery death simply because their wheel covers were coming off.
  19. Maevra

    Switching wheels from 18's to 19's

    After 20 million years we finally got around to switching our aeros 18's for the stiletto 19's. Once the wheels were on, we drove around the block so the sensors could calibrate. The car detected that the wheels had changed and asked us to confirm the new size (choice of 18, 19, or 20) and reset...
  20. T

    Model 3 Aero Wheel Range Benefits

    Hi all - I wanted to create a thread for people to report any data about the range benefits of the aero wheels vs the 19 inch sport wheels. This would really help many of us make configuration decisions with our M3's!
  21. Maurice

    Pics of Pearl White Model 3 w/ Aero Wheels

    Found these pics from @TeslaModel3Fan on Twitter via reddit. This combination is beautiful IMO and is precisely why I have switched from Midnight Silver Metallic to Pearl White Multi-Coat!