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  1. TrevP

    HOT CCS adapter being tested in South Korea!

    There's a CCS adapter for European Teslas, nothing new there and we've been waiting for a CCS adapter for North America. Now, we have recent breaking news that a new CCS adapter has been spotted testing in South Korea. Why is this important? Because they use the same proprietary connector in...
  2. P3D4DPA

    3D printed J1772 Adapter Thingy

    I am sharing a 32A charger with my spouse and her Chevy Bolt EV and use that Tesla-supplied small adapter for the ChargePoint plug. It was beginning to be a nuisance to put it in the trunk, have it roll around the centre console, or fear constantly misplacing it in the garage. So I...
  3. sdbyrd79

    Will this 10-30 setup work properly?

    I'm hoping to get some validation for the scenario I'll be in over the next couple of weeks. I'm visiting my parents house and they have a 10-30 outlet for their dryer I intend to use. I purchased the 10-30 official Tesla adapter from My concern is that 20' may not be enough...
  4. melonger

    Travelling the Maritimes - What is your experience?

    I'm going out with a group of friends in August to chill out in Halifax and area for a week. We did the trip last year after our wedding using my wife's work van (Grand Caravan), and we're really hoping to not have to do it again. We had originally planned to take our Model 3 Long range. To...