1. MountainPass

    NOMAD Wireless Phone Charger

    We recently purchased a Nomad charger for “The Future” and loved it so much that we wanted to share it with all of our clients. To make things easy, we’ve teamed up with Nomad to be able to supply the charger to all of you along with any other MPP parts you’re interested in! We also stock these...
  2. R

    Product Review Excellent Stealth Hitch System for Tesla Model 3

    I want to recommend a hitch system for the Tesla Model 3, I had one installed on my TM3 AWD in mid-November 2018 and I can personally vouch for its quality and the company behind it (an unpaid/uncompensated recommendation):
  3. m3_4_wifey

    Model 3 Roof Rack - Currently IN STOCK!

    [mod edit for Tesla shop page: ] Trevor mentioned that the latches for Model 3 roof racks are standard, yet I did not see any photos of that during the reveal. I need a roof rack for storing boats on the top of the...
  4. K

    3DMAXPIDER floor liner for Canadian model 3 owners

    I got in touch with U-Guard, the Canadian distributor for the 3DMAXPIDER custom fit floor liners who sells their floor liners through Costco's website, and they said: I have used their mats before and I think they are quite good, I haven't used the weathertech ones so I cannot say how they...
  5. Ranova

    With all the upcoming deliveries soon, I made a list of necessary and nice to have accessories

    I've had my Model 3 for almost 2 months now, and have bought a ton of mostly subtle accessories that you may/may not find helpful: Tesla Model 3 Must Have and Nice to Have Accessories Let me know if you have any suggestions to add and/or have questions on why I chose something. Enjoy your...
  6. MelindaV

    real Carbon Fiber hub covers for 19in Sport wheels

    RPM Tesla now has their real carbon fiber Sport wheel replacement hubs available for purchase
  7. TheyCallMeJohn

    What comes with the Model 3?

    Sorry if this is a duplicate thread but I wanted to know the follwoing: What comes with the car when you pick it up? Is anything I need to order separately?. I placed my order last Thursday and am getting excited! Midnight Silver with Aero Wheels.
  8. Roger Pressman

    What Model 3 Accessories Would You Like to See?

    At Evannex, we now get hundreds of inquiries every month from future Model 3 owners who want to know what accessories we have planned for Model 3. It’s almost as if people on the reservation list are so excited about their reservation that they want to make it real by accessorizing—even before...
  9. JWardell

    Exclusive HUD review!

    I've been keeping tabs on add-on HUD displays after all the discussion here, and I grabbed this one for $30 when I realized our new CX-5 had no digital speedometer, knowing that I might install one in the Model 3. Most others require an OBDII port connection and will not work with M3, but...
  10. Badback

    Accessories for Model 3 thread

    I would really like a fitted cooler for my frunk.