Jeda - Top Tesla Accessories
  1. C

    12v Battery Replaced - Now Various Systems going Haywire

    I went into the garage this morning to find my Tesla Model 3 completely dead. Along with it the nasty smell of sulfur or rotten eggs. Shortly after a phone call and some research I believed it to be the 12v Battery. Tesla mobile service came out 2 days later with a new 12v battery and performed...
  2. T

    Power & Connect Everything | 8 USB ports | Hidden USB Drive

    Hi, I just completed a custom install where the center console was disassembled and four extra USB ports were added, while also keeping the existing 4 functional. Two will be added to the front and they will be charge-only ports supporting 2.1A each. One will be added in the armrest...
  3. Ingineer

    How-To Here's how to safely tap 12v power for add-ons

    For those of you looking for a nice switched 12v output for add-on accessories in your 3, I have found a good safe place to attach. See my YouTube video. See the video's description for more details on this as well. If you want a non-switched line for a dashcam, you can tap the yellow wire...