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Tesla's 'smart summon' feature can be pretty handy in a flooded parking lot

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Originally published at on October 29, 2020.

The owner of a Tesla Model Y, Raudel Molina, was able to put the Smart Summon feature to work during some special circumstances recently in Florida. This particular Model Y withstood about an hour-long rain. When the rain stopped, the parking lot was completely flooded. Molina remembered his Tesla was capable of of "escaping" the flooded parking lot — all without him having to ruin his shoes (and getting them drenched) in the waterlogged walk out to his car. He had something else in mind.


Above: Tesla Model Y owner drives his car through a flooded parking lot (Source...

Is Tesla having an Amazon moment right now?

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Originally published at on October 23, 2020.

Comparisons between Amazon and Tesla have been pretty popular in the business press. There's also more than a few parallels between company CEOs Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. Looking at these tech trailblazers, something bigger may be afoot. Kirk Bell asks in Motor Authority, "What if this is the auto industry’s Amazon moment, and Tesla is the company that stands to benefit?"

Above: Tesla Model Y (Source: EVANNEX; Photo by Casey Murphy)
"Like mom and pop...

Inside Tesla's methods to improve electric vehicle range

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Originally published at on October 20, 2020.

Is range the most important aspect of an EV’s performance? Maybe, and maybe not, but range is one of the first things mentioned in most mainstream media coverage of EVs, and it’s almost always one of the first things a potential EV buyer asks about. The company with the longest-range EVs has a big competitive advantage in the marketplace, and that company is Tesla.


Above: Tesla Model S (Source: Tesla)

What’s the secret sauce? How does the California carmaker manage to deliver so many more miles of range? (Tesla’s vehicles lead the field in efficiency too, but that’s another article.)...

Artist reimagines a Tesla Cyber Roadster (Gallery)

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Originally published at on October 15, 2020.

Cybertruck has created quite a stir in the design community. We've seen Cybertruck replicas popping up all over the world. We've even seen a cool attempt at a Cyberbike! Tesla's design team even created a "little cousin" of sorts with a new ATV. So what if someone reimagined the Tesla's much-anticipated Roadster with influences from the Cybertruck...

Electromobility is a critical national security issue

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Originally published at on October 14, 2020.

As anyone who follows the EV news knows, Europe and China are far outpacing the US when it comes to EV adoption. As European automakers, and even European oil companies, are racing to prepare for the coming electrification revolution, in the US, political leaders seem to feel that propping up the century-old fossil fuel-based transport system is the priority of the day, and many people see it as a political issue, important only to those who care about such trivial things as clean air and the future livability of the planet.


Above: A look at Tesla's all-electric Cybertruck...

Tesla's whirlwind of activity descends upon Germany courtesy of Elon Musk

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Originally published at on October 13, 2020.

Tesla is famous not only for building quick cars, but for building factories quickly. One of the main reasons the company selected the Reno area as the site of Gigafactory 1 was that local officials promised to help get the facility built in record time. Tesla broke ground for Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai in January 2019, and started delivering Model 3s from the plant in December, a record for global automakers in China.


Above: Elon Musk at the site of the Berlin Gigafactory (Source: Tobias Lindh via Youtube)

Gigafactory 4, near Berlin, is likewise expected to be assembled at breakneck...

Comparing electric car charging networks [Video]

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Originally published at on October 9, 2020.

Is an EV feasible for you, and which models should you consider? It all comes down to your driving habits. If you drive mostly around town, and seldom make long road trips, or if you’re looking for a second car, then just about any EV will be fine, even a used LEAF, which can be had for a bargain price.


Above: A Model S and Model X at a Tesla Supercharger station (Source: Tesla)

If you’re looking for a daily driver that can take to the highway when needed, you’ll need more: at least a couple hundred miles of range, plus DC fast charging capability...

How will Tesla's Plaid Model S stack up against its closest EV competitors?

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Originally published at on October 7, 2020.

We're all are hoping for cheaper electric cars. Tesla's even got a $25,000 EV in the works. But it's still good to have a few "halo" cars with sky-high prices. It's always fun to drool over their gorgeous design, impressive tech, and outrageous performance. For years, the Tesla Model S was at the forefront when it came to electric "halo" cars. But there are some new contenders on the horizon.


Source: InsideEVs

Most recently, competition bubbled up from the Porsche Taycan and recently-announced Lucid Air...

California's 2035 fossil fuel ban is another nail in Big Oil's coffin

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Originally published at on October 6, 2020.

Shortly after Tesla’s Battery Day revelations, California Governor Gavin Newsom drove another nail in the coffin of the internal combustion engine, with an executive order requiring all new passenger vehicles sold in the state to be zero-emission by 2035. Already, some 15 countries have announced proposals to phase out legacy vehicles (and the UK recently brought its proposed ban forward to 2030), but California will be the first US state to do so...

Elon Musk: Redesigning the battery electric vehicle

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Originally published at on October 5, 2020

At long last, Tesla's highly-anticipated Battery Day has happened. And we've had enough time to process the information. Elon Musk and his team of "hardcore engineers" uncovered a lot of mission-critical, behind-the-scenes info related to what Tesla's been secretly working on. And, it turns out, it's bigger than simply batteries.


Above: Elon Musk at Tesla's Battery Day (Flickr: Steve Jurvetson)

The emphasis of Tesla's Battery Day was, of course, on...

Star video blogger Kim Java loves her kid-friendly Tesla Model X

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Originally published at on September 29, 2020.

Kim Java is a long-time Tesla owner who’s turned her passion for electric driving into an online empire. She produces regular videos on Tesla- and EV-related topics for her YouTube channel, sells environmentally-inspired merchandise at her online boutique, and spreads the e-mobility gospel on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We ran a profile on Kim in 2019, when her channel reached the 100,000-subscriber...

As younger workers flee the oil industry, some may be coming to work for Elon Musk

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Originally published at on September 28, 2020.

These are sad days in the oil patch. US fossil fuel firms eliminated about 105,000 positions—roughly 20 percent of their workforce—between March and June, according to Accenture. BW Research Partnership puts the job losses at 118,000 between March and July. Most of the layoffs have been in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.


Above: The energy industry is changing (Source...

Despite 'difficult circumstances' described by Elon Musk, is demand holding for Tesla's cars

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Originally published at on September 25, 2020.

While the pandemic has hurt the auto industry, the outlook for electric vehicles appears to be positive. If you caught any of Tesla's Battery Day, it appears the Silicon Valley Automaker is ramping up efforts to handle an influx of demand for its growing fleet of electric cars. Other automakers are beginning to sell EVs more steadily...

How Panasonic is responding to Tesla's Battery Day

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Originally published at on September 24, 2020.

Tesla's Battery Day was a landmark event for the company. The Silicon Valley automaker plans to begin efforts to produce their own battery cells. Where does that leave Tesla's existing battery suppliers? After years of working closely with Tesla, will Panasonic continue to play an integral role in the EV maker's future?


Above: Years ago, Tesla was showcased front-and-center at a Panasonic's CES trade show booth (Source...

The 6 Big Takeaways from Tesla’s Battery Day

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Originally published at on September 23, 2020.

The overall content of the Tesla Battery Day presentation might have been overwhelming for those who do not have a technical background in battery development. The level of abstraction that Elon Musk and Drew Baglino presented relative to Tesla's battery tech was surprisingly low, even though I’m sure they thought their presentation was just an overview.


Above: Elon Musk talks batteries (Source: Tesla)

Given that, it might be a good idea to "pull the lens back" just a bit and discuss the major takeaways:

1. The holy grail of battery tech—a cost of less than $100 per kWh will be achieved and production-ready in less three years....

Zeno's Paradox and the race to catch up to Tesla

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Originally published at on September 22, 2020.

Even auto industry execs acknowledge that Tesla has a substantial lead over the legacy brands, not only in battery tech, but in connectivity, autonomy and EV manufacturing. Spurred by tightening emissions regulations in Europe, and by Tesla’s ominous inroads into their market share, traditional automakers are racing to catch up. However, there’s one little problem: Tesla isn’t standing still, so by the time they try to catch up, the California Crusaders have already moved on.


Above: Zeno's Paradox (Image: TED-Ed via Youtube)

Elon Musk: Can we have a special SpaceX-edition Tesla Model 3, please?

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Originally published at on September 21, 2020.

In 2018, Elon Musk's original Tesla Roadster served as payload during the landmark SpaceX Falcon Heavy test flight. Musk even promised a special SpaceX option package for the next-gen Roadster. But what about Tesla's flagship seller, the Model 3 — is there any cool SpaceX collab in the works?


Above: SpaceX Emergency Operations Tesla Model 3 (Courtesy of Tesla Oracle)

Well... it turns out that a mysterious white Tesla Model 3 is performing services as an ‘Emergency...

Infographic: The road to electric vehicle adoption

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Originally published at on September 18, 2020.

It’s anyone’s guess when electric vehicle adoption will suddenly become mainstream. Some say five years. Others say ten, fifteen, even twenty years from now. However, a new study commissioned by Castrol, producers of motor oil and other vehicle fluids, states that a majority of car buyers are ready to buy an electric car by 2024 and provide EV specifications that should, ultimately, appeal to the masses.


Above: Tesla's Model 3 (Image: EVANNEX, Photo by Casey Murphy)

Castrol's opinion poll was given to 9,000 drivers, 750 fleet owners...

Could Tesla start to power Germany?

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Originally published at on September 17, 2020.

Affluent and eco-conscious Germany is a natural fit for Tesla. However, so far sales in Germany have been modest compared to other European markets, and the reason seems fairly obvious—the country is an auto industry powerhouse, and many Germans are fiercely loyal to their local brands.


Above: Tesla Model S (Image: EVANNEX; Photo by Casey Murphy)

Building a new Gigafactory in the heart of the European auto industry is a courageous move that’s sure to give Tesla a boost in this important market. Elon Musk recently visited Giga Berlin. Afterwards, he spent...

Electric vehicles are on a roll in Europe-and this is just the beginning

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Originally published at on September 15, 2020.

Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about the idea that major crises tend to accelerate changes that were already in the wind. The electric vehicle market in Europe could be Exhibit A in support of this hypothesis—the Old World has been overtaking the New in terms of EV sales for some months now, and in the first half of 2020 this trend kicked into overdrive, in spite of (or because of?) the virus-related economic downturn.


Above: Tesla Model 3 in Zurich (Flickr...